About Us

SSS Auctioneers was established under the hammer of Sipho Sigasa in 2006. We aim to make it easy to buy or sell anything at our auctions, be it movable or immovable. Our philosophy is to relate to the needs of our customers. This, and the quality of our work ensures that we can manage auctions for clients ranging from the man on the street, municipalities, local government as well as small and large companies.

Our commitment is to deliver uncompromising service, a mentality that resulted in SSS Auctioneers being recognised as the leading disposal company by Local and District Municipalities. Our quality of performance and professionalism coupled with financial integrity, has resulted in longstanding relationships with our clients under the lead of Sipho Sigasa.

If you need to put anything on auction, be it a house or hotel equipment, car or garage, we can help you sell it. Contact us to find out how we can help you to make your next auction as successful as possible.

Are you looking for something to buy? Browse through our online auction catalog to see what will be going on auction soon, and where the auction will be held.

Do you want to sell something that falls outside of the scope of an auction? We are willing to list your property or assets on our website and manage the sales process for you. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.